Aquapel & Windshield Wipers

Full-Service Windshield and Auto Glass Service for Wipers and Aquapel Treatments

Especially in a rain-heavy state like Texas, windshield wipers are a mandatory and vital safety feature for our vehicles. But just like with anything else, they won’t hold up forever and will need to be replaced every few years, more or less, depending on usage and care. A good indication is that if you notice compromised visibility while driving, it’s time to replace.

Signs that your visibility is being reduced include: squeaking, smearing, streaking, and skipping. A relatively cheap repair, there is no excuse not to ensure that your windshield wipers are always working flawlessly.

As part of our Auto Glass Service, we offer Aquapel and Windshield Wiper replacement service to our DFW Metroplex customers. Through our Mobile Service, a Mister Glass auto specialist will come to a location of your choosing and perform the repairs on the spot.

What is Aquapel?

A rain repellent glass treatment, Aquapel takes that extra step to protect your windows from the weather. It’s a truly miraculous product that we’re proud to offer our North Texas Metroplex customers. This glass treatment can be professionally applied to windshield, side and back window glass, and even your glass shower doors at home!

It’s a long lasting treatment, designed to perform under pressure! When the rain gets heavy, Aquapel applications repel the water, leaving you with streak-free visibility. Revolutionary glass technology!

Aquapel Performance:

  • Long-lasting treatment repels the rain
  • Improves visibility
  • Makes removing ice & snow a breeze
  • Reduces glare, most helpfully at night
  • Reduces water marks

Our Auto Services:

  • Mobile Glass Service
  • Windshield Replacement
  • Windshield Repair
  • Door Glass & Back Glass
  • Glass Treatment
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Warranties

For more information on our Aquapel & Windshield Wiper service, call [phonenumber] or schedule service online.