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Sometimes side or back windows get broken as a result of vandalism or acts of God. This damage is usually more intrusive than windshield damage because it completely breaks out the glass and leaves a big mess to be cleaned up. This leaves you open to theft or the weather outside. If your side window or back glass is broken, Mister Glass can have the glass replaced in about an hour. And we will do our best to vacuum up any broken glass inside the vehicle so that you can be back on the road, secure, and ready to go.

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How We Perform Car Window Replacemenets

We help thousands of Dallas-Fort Worth customers a year with window replacement around the vehicle. Whether it is a result of hail damage or smash and grab thieves, here is what we do to get your vehicle back to like new status:

  • Determine the best route for repair of the damage
  • Remove the existing damage glass from the opening and any areas where it may have fallen into
  • Vacuum any additional glass that may have spread throughout the vehicle as a result of the breakage
  • Insert a new piece of glass into the opening
  • Test to make sure it is functioning properly
  • Put on any additional trim pieces or parts that might have been removed to facilitate the repair

We promise to take the shock and stress that comes with this type of glass breakage away once we start the repair. In an hour or less, you will be back on the road and feel safer than before.

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Have Total Peace Of Mind

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that we can provide you with the best glass repair services in Dallas TX, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all the work we do. That’s right, 100%! You won’t find another glass repair company in the area that can offer you such a guarantee. All of our technicians at Mister Glass are fully qualified and highly trained. We have the utmost confidence in all the work we do and the results we deliver. We know that you will be more than satisfied with our work, but our money-back guarantee will provide you with just that little extra peace of mind when hiring our services.

Lifetime Warranties

The perks of using us don’t just stop at the money-back guarantee. We also offer all of our customers a lifetime warranty on any job we do. Therefore, if you have any issues with your new glass as a result of the work we have done, we will come and fix the problem for you at no cost. This lifetime warranty covers every glass replacement job we do including, cars, residential properties, and commercial properties. Again, our confidence in offering such an advantage comes from our hard work and experience in the industry.

Fastest Quotes Possible

The next time you need glass repair services in Dallas TX, just get in touch with us here online or by phone, and we’ll put together a quote for you. Our quotes are completely personalized to your needs; this ensures you never have to pay more than you should. We also not only offer great prices, but we provide fast quotes for everyone. We understand your time is valuable, and we never want our clients to be waiting around or having to chase us for the quote. We’ll provide your quote in the fastest time possible every time.

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Dealing with us couldn’t be easier – to get started, just get in touch by phone or using our free online quote form and give us the details of the job so we can organize your comprehensive quote.


Set A

After you have agreed for the work to go ahead, we will arrange a time to come and carry out the work. We always work around you and make this part as convenient as possible for you.


Sit Back
& Relax

Now all you have to do is sit back and relax as we do the work. You don’t want to deal with a difficult company, which is why we strive to make dealing with us as hassle-free as possible. 


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Jack Watts

Window Replacement Dallas TX

They replaced a side window on my ford escape. They were very quick to get an appointment set same day and we’re great at communicating their time frame. Vacuumed the broken glass from my backseat and I have a new window! Great window replacement service.

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Michael Schmidt

Back Window Repair Dallas

I had my back window smashed in by some loser thieves. They were so efficient and easy to work with. I had an appointment and they met me at my office. They removed the broken glass from my backseat and had the window replacement within 30 minutes. Would definitely recommend. 

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Brenda Houghton

Window Replacement in Dallas

My car was broken into by smashing two windows. Mister Glass was there by 1:30 the same day I submitted my claim to my insurance company. Jose even vacuumed the glass out of my car. I highly recommend their window replacement service. Thank you  Mister Glass Inc.

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