Solar & Bug Screens

Residential Glass Service

Solar and bug screens have become a Mister Glass specialty. We provide comprehensive glass service to our DFW Metroplex homeowners, including installing the extra comfort and energy efficiency you need here in North Texas. Solar and bug screens provide both protection from pests and heat and the bonus of less bites and lower bills.

What is a Solar Screen?

A solar screen is one way to go green and save money, especially here in Texas where we have the added luxury, but also the added heat, of so much sunshine. The primary function of a solar screen is to reduce exterior heat gain in the summertime, and reversely, reduce the amount of interior heat loss in the winter. Extra perks include reducing glare from the sun and lowering your heating and cooling bill.

The fabric and frame of the solar screens come in custom sizes, as well as a variety of color preferences to blend with your home. You attach a solar screen to either the glass or frame of your exterior windows. They are important not just for insulation but also protection.

What are the benefits of a Solar Screen?

  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation
  • Lower Utility Bills & Usage
  • Daytime Privacy
  • Glare and Light Reduction
  • Reduced Heat = Lower Energy Bill
  • Thicker than traditional screens, but do not obstruct view to outside

The Perks of Bug Screens

The perks of bug screens are many, but the biggest being protection! In Texas, we’re often hearing about disease-carrying insects. There is a solution to this, at least when you’re in your home. You can know you’re doing everything you can to keep away pesky and potentially dangerous pests by installing bug screens with Mister Glass.

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  • Custom Sizing & Screening Materials

Established in 1962, let us show you why Mister Glass is the local, trusted expert in the field.

Install solar & bug screens with Mister Glass. Our team of specialists can complete any custom project. For residential service, call us at [phonenumber] or schedule service online.